About Us

Aditel (Association for the Development of Information and Telecommunications) is a non-profit organization registered in the Register of Associations, with number CV-01-036653-CS and dedicated to fostering Use and research of computers and telecommunications. The association was officially established in 1998 and operates in Castellón and, above all, in the Universitat Jaume I.

Due to the main objective of the association, ADITEL actively promotes the use and development of all types of free software; Since, in addition to other moral reasons, thanks to this one can carry out most of the projects that are undertaken. Within this area, ADITEL has carried out numerous activities for this purpose: a collection of signatures, talks, trips to free software events, distribution of CDs, etc.

Currently, ADITEL has approximately 80 active partners involved in one way or another in the various activities organized by the association. On the other hand, ADITEL is integrated within the movement for free national software participating actively in congresses, forums and mailing lists related to the subject. In addition, the association maintains excellent relations with Universitat Jaume I, with which it has subscribed several contracts and agreements, and with the business fabric of Castellón.

For more information send an email to info@aditel.org or use the contact form.

This section contains information for both ADITEL partners and information about themselves. If you are a member of ADITEL do not forget to read both the frequently asked questions that you have probably raised about ADITEL, such as the document on the use of technical resources available to the association.

If you are not ADITEL partners you will be able to get to know the members of the association a little better, as well as those projects in which they participate or have worked and which they make available to anyone who may be interested.

By the way, soon this will be the place of access for the private part of the web. In this section partners will be able to access exclusive partner services. We are working on it.