Awaiting Black Friday 2017- Apple Deals for USA

Christmas just got even better with the price fall estimates this 2017 for Apple’s iPad, iPhone 8 and Apple Watch etc. Read more to know the big savers on your Apple products. Price falls in Apple products is every gadget buyers Christmas wish.


Not sure if you can have a Summer surprise in Winter this Christmas than an Apple iPad with your budget. It’s no big news that big retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Target give many treats to Apple lovers on Black Friday every year. Well, this year predictions began earlier than confirming on which day Black Friday’s falling.

You can expect a rather sharp fall in prices of older generation models and some spicy deals like cheaper price rates, gift cards or a few clubbed deals. This November what you can look forward to would be MacBooks, iWatches, iPad, iPhone, iMacs and iTV.

What can you buy?

When it comes to iPad there are irresistible things on the geek’s platter for gadgets. By looking at last year’s drops, we can guess this year’s deals won’t be left behind by much. There’re a lot of estimates when it comes to these three-

iPad Pro-

2016 showed some of the jaw-dropping deals on iPad Pro by lowering your expense by $150 dollars. Target and Meijer are some of the names that dropped the prices for iPad Pro. The most awesome deal was for the 12.9 inch iPad, a whopping $149 off by MacMall.  That simply put the then-recently-entered 32GB (Wi-Fi Only) flat at $449.

Looking at last year’s graph, you can definitely hope for some crisp deals on iPad Pro 12.9 inches this time.


iPad Air 2-

There are a lot of speculations on this one, with a lot of hope for cut downs too specially, since “iPad” came as a replacement for iPad Air 2. That can be a top reason why the remaining stock could get cleared with discount offers.

There are also some chances that this could be the cheapest iPad that you can get this time in Apple deals. Predictions by analyst even say the prices could go by around $200. Last year the prices were dropped by $125 by retailers like BestBuy and Target. 


iPad Mini 4-

Back in 2016’s Black Friday we saw prices fall straight to the lowest that anyone could have hoped for. The prices for iPad Mini 2 collapsed straight to $199- the lowest ever for an iPad, coming from notable retailers like Target and Meijer.

You might be betting “Umm… It’s the latest mini iPad out there. There ain’t going to be any price cut.” Chances are… there could be more drop in the iPad mini 4 than what you’re expecting. Reasons?  Let’s a look at the last Black Friday’s $100 off the iPad Mini 4 by both Target and Staples…or last July sales where Best Buy gave a price rate of $275 for iPad Mini 4.


When exactly is Black Friday on, in 2017?

The official date for Black Friday for 2017 is 24th November falling on Friday. But we have seen before retailers start off with their sales much before then the official date of the Black Friday.

In 2016, Walmart, Target and New Egg started their deals at 1st November itself, while BestBuy had their own Pre-Black Friday. With Halloween just a few days away you can start looking for many deals already even though there will be sales separate during Black Friday.

Best Buy is dropping prices on Apple products from this month already with their own “Apple Shopping Event” that started this very week.

Here’s waiting for the actual Black Friday- hoping for some amazing discounts on some iPads, especially the iPad Pro-the costliest and most amazing one in the list. 

List of Top 5 Antiviruses for Mac

This is our Top 5 Anti Viruses for Mac are lab tested and reviewed. If you have been looking for the right fit in Anti Virus for Mac, you have come to the right place. Let’s see what works for you.

Here are lab tested top five anti-viruses that have got on the nerves of cybercriminals, giving super protection from every angle of spyware and malware for your MAC without fail.

You think MAC has a magic software that gives anti-virus protection automatically? Well, it’s nothing like that, though people debate on it. MAC has enhanced fire doors which make it very difficult for the virus to spread to the heart of the machine but it is not like MAC’S are unbreakable insecurity. So alright now, we know you might just want to cut to the chase and explore the anti-virus software that will help you, or is there anything for free, we got solutions to all your queries.

We give you the top five lab tested anti-virus software which has taken the market by storm with its enhanced protection skills.


A next level security software that can give you more than you can ever imagine, with three different product type, it’s an excellent software which has so much to offer starting with a standard value package to family pack it protects and secures your System from every aspect.

Talking about the pricing it really depends on how many years you are planning on getting this security, starting from 1 Mac $39 for 1 year it ranges up till $129 for 3 years because they do have family packages.

Package type:

  • Bitdefender Anti-virus 2018
  • Bitdefender total security 2018
  • Bitdefender family pack 2018

The name of the packages itself suggests that its one step ahead of any other security software available in the market, it gives some of the best protection from virus, check out the what this one has to offer.

  • Bitdefender Anti-virus 2018-

This is a standard package best suited for a single MAC system, gives you windows protection and regular updates to keep the system up and running 24*7.

  • BitDefender Total security 2018-

It’s a level up from the standard one because it performs like an athlete on a mission. It’s a wonder to have your MAC protected with this because after that you get zero ransomware and complete MAC OS protection along with android protection to keep you going with what you like the most.

  • Bitfinder family pack 2018-

Now, this is something that you would want to have a complete support to your entire home network, it’s a family pack and has so much more to offer starting from complete Windows protection to regular updating process.

Norton Security for MAC

The second on our list is none other than Norton security because it ranks among the best of protecting software, its security skills are refined when it comes to protecting your MAC, it has three different packages that give several advanced security protection that can help you get the best.

The pricing starts from $49 -$69 for a single MAC and here comes the impressive part goes a step up to $59-$89 and you can protect up to five different devices that can include MAC’S, Windows PCs, and smartphones.

The three different package are these,

  • Norton Security Standard

The standard Norton security powers up 1 Mac, 1 pc or 1 mobile, it has features of securing your gadget against viruses, spyware, malware and more where the online threat is concerned. Protects your identity and online transaction.

  • Norton Security Deluxe

Now, this particular package can power up the security of 5 different MACs, PCs, smartphones or tablets, its brilliant, isn’t it? Where all the necessary security protection like malware, ransomware, spyware, safeguarding your identity and bank transaction details, this also gives few added features like getting the security running with a single subscription for all and gives a window for easy to use the portal for all devices.

  • Norton Security Premium

It’s a next level security protection where you get multiple devices with a single subscription, it comes with all the features like both the other packages,  instead, add a few more like an automatic backup of your photos and files and important documents. It additionally includes 25 GB of secure cloud storage with the option to add more according to your needs.

Kaspersky Lab

It’s a recommended security software for complete protection of your MAC, PC and more, It is known to protect ) your device up to 99.17 % from online threats. It’s an impressive software with three different packages and also has the 30 days trial which surely is a major catch. It has a great impact on device and upgrades system performance like never before.

The pricing is affordable and it becomes easier to make a decision when the trial thing is offered because people can put the security system to test, as for this one you can own this protection software starting from $39 -$59 for an entire year service for MAC.

It comes with three different packages namely premium MAC protection, premium protection and best protection.

  • Premium MAC protection

It works brilliantly and protects your MAC from malware and ransomware while you surf, stream and shop online.

  • Premium protection

The premium protection software secures your MAC, PC, and Android completely from every aspect of an online threat. It gives multiple device protection in one subscription.

  • Best Protection

The best protection is one of the best recommended for multiple device protection more like a family package and has enhanced features to offer to start from spyware, malware, and other necessary security.


This is maximum security protection more or less for free, it’s absolutely brilliant to know that all the necessary features you require form security software will be presented to you for free, with this software you just need to type out some of your details in order to get yourself going. And even though this software is absolutely free it gives 99. 17 % of anti-virus protection for your MAC.

Since it has been awarded one of the best antiviruses for MAC, it gives you an excellent protection from malware, spyware, ransomware and other irrelevant websites protecting your individual identity and securing every network you step into.

  • It’s super easy to install and register and starts adding up devices be it MAC or PC to its network and provides complete protection.
  • It automatically blocks unwanted contents which disturb you or possess any threat.
  • It does more than just protection, it prevents your personal files from viruses and delivers satisfying security.

Avast Security

And for the last but not the least, we had to give you this working blessing),  Avast security system with free and paid security protection for MAC and other devices. Its brilliant when it comes to protection and security, even though providing the free trial system, it is known to detect 100 % virus threat and treats the device accordingly protecting all your privacy and details intact.

It has paid and free security system both to deliver best possible services to respective clients. With the paid one’s pricing it between $49 -$59 per year for two different packages.

  • Free Antivirus

Although its free, this particular security system provides complete p[protection against viruses with smart scan, Wi-Fi inspector, behavior shield, game mode and browser clean up system, all at one and free of cost.

  • Internet security

Internet security has the capacity to protect your system with all the features like the other package instead with few more added features of the sandbox, ransomware shield, firewall, and anti-spam.

  • Premium security

Now premium security gives out all the features like the other two of Avast security and few more added features of webcam shield, automatic update, and data shredder.


Our Verdict

In the end, it depends on your requirement for your functionality and your comfort. We have listed the tried and tested list of Antiviruses for your Mac pc. So, go ahead and choose the product that suitably caters to your needs, and with the futuristic features, these days added, it has less than 10% of system impact. That means, you won’t even know your software is protecting from the big bad world of the web, while you have a smooth experience in using it.