Awaiting Black Friday 2017- Apple Deals for USA

Christmas just got even better with the price fall estimates this 2017 for Apple’s iPad, iPhone 8 and Apple Watch etc. Read more to know the big savers on your Apple products. Price falls in Apple products is every gadget buyers Christmas wish.


Not sure if you can have a Summer surprise in Winter this Christmas than an Apple iPad with your budget. It’s no big news that big retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Target give many treats to Apple lovers on Black Friday every year. Well, this year predictions began earlier than confirming on which day Black Friday’s falling.

You can expect a rather sharp fall in prices of older generation models and some spicy deals like cheaper price rates, gift cards or a few clubbed deals. This November what you can look forward to would be MacBooks, iWatches, iPad, iPhone, iMacs and iTV.

What can you buy?

When it comes to iPad there are irresistible things on the geek’s platter for gadgets. By looking at last year’s drops, we can guess this year’s deals won’t be left behind by much. There’re a lot of estimates when it comes to these three-

iPad Pro-

2016 showed some of the jaw-dropping deals on iPad Pro by lowering your expense by $150 dollars. Target and Meijer are some of the names that dropped the prices for iPad Pro. The most awesome deal was for the 12.9 inch iPad, a whopping $149 off by MacMall.  That simply put the then-recently-entered 32GB (Wi-Fi Only) flat at $449.

Looking at last year’s graph, you can definitely hope for some crisp deals on iPad Pro 12.9 inches this time.


iPad Air 2-

There are a lot of speculations on this one, with a lot of hope for cut downs too specially, since “iPad” came as a replacement for iPad Air 2. That can be a top reason why the remaining stock could get cleared with discount offers.

There are also some chances that this could be the cheapest iPad that you can get this time in Apple deals. Predictions by analyst even say the prices could go by around $200. Last year the prices were dropped by $125 by retailers like BestBuy and Target. 


iPad Mini 4-

Back in 2016’s Black Friday we saw prices fall straight to the lowest that anyone could have hoped for. The prices for iPad Mini 2 collapsed straight to $199- the lowest ever for an iPad, coming from notable retailers like Target and Meijer.

You might be betting “Umm… It’s the latest mini iPad out there. There ain’t going to be any price cut.” Chances are… there could be more drop in the iPad mini 4 than what you’re expecting. Reasons?  Let’s a look at the last Black Friday’s $100 off the iPad Mini 4 by both Target and Staples…or last July sales where Best Buy gave a price rate of $275 for iPad Mini 4.


When exactly is Black Friday on, in 2017?

The official date for Black Friday for 2017 is 24th November falling on Friday. But we have seen before retailers start off with their sales much before then the official date of the Black Friday.

In 2016, Walmart, Target and New Egg started their deals at 1st November itself, while BestBuy had their own Pre-Black Friday. With Halloween just a few days away you can start looking for many deals already even though there will be sales separate during Black Friday.

Best Buy is dropping prices on Apple products from this month already with their own “Apple Shopping Event” that started this very week.

Here’s waiting for the actual Black Friday- hoping for some amazing discounts on some iPads, especially the iPad Pro-the costliest and most amazing one in the list. 

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