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4 Hacks to Perform When Your Computer Won’t Start

Your computer is in excellent working condition if it works without any interruption. But, as it belongs to the category of electronics, facing problems are inevitable. If you accidentally face the situation like your computer failed to start, then get ready, you have a lot to do. 

Whatever Operating System you are using, you can easily face this problem. There are a lot of remedies regarding the resolving of this issue. But, it is quite impossible to perform all the tasks. That is why it’s better that you hire laptop repair Dubai professionals to get the job done. 

Observe the Symptoms 

When your computer doesn’t start, you will notice some symptoms. They are like blue screens, unexpected shutdowns, boot errors, and others. After that, make up your mind whether you can solve the problem all by yourself. At the same time, you can always seek help from the professionals. 

Several Troubleshooting Tips 

When your computer doesn’t start, you must know some of the best possible troubleshooting tips. Furthermore, calling the tech management team of laptop repair Dubai will help you a lot. If you are confident enough about performing the troubleshooting process, then let’s check them out one by one. 

Have a look at the Monitor

In case your computer is not turning on, then there is a high chance that your PC is booting but not showing anything. In this type of case, tell the professionals to have a close look at the monitor. If there are loose connections, they will fix it. Hopefully, after that, everything will be just fine. 

Boot with the Past Configuration

Boot your PC with the previous system configuration. 

  • Restart your PC and tell them to keep on pressing the F8 key on the startup. When the black screen appears, click on ‘Advanced Boot Options Menu’. 
  • After that, select ‘Last Known Good Configuration’. Now press the Enter key. 

Hold their activity for a couple of minutes as the system will work on itself. After that, hopefully, your system will successfully boot. If you are unable to do it all by yourself, then hire the professionals of the laptop repair Dubai and ask them to boot the computer with the last available configuration.

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Use the Safe Mode for Boot

Using the Safe Mode will take your computer to another interface. Here, your computer will boot but not in the usual way. It will open another sophisticated user-interface. So, once again restart the system and press the F8 key repeatedly. 

The ‘Advanced Boot Options’ will appear. Tell them to highlight the ‘Safe Mode’ and hit on Enter. Now, look into your system for any recently installed applications. If you fail to do this, consult the experts and get to know whether the issue is occurring due to that particular application or not. Then, uninstall it. 

Running the Check Disk and SFC Function

After observing the issues, they might suggest you perform a disk check. You can quickly agree to run this function on your system. In order to know whether they are doing it correctly or not, here are the details that you can check for yourselves.  

  • Open your system in the Safe Mode. Select the Command Prompt by entering the Windows OS installation disc. 
  • Now type ‘chkdsk C:/r’. If your Windows is installed in some other drives, replace the C with the specific drive letter. 
  • After that press Enter and they will for some time for the report. 

If all works well, then fair enough. If not, then run an SFC scan. So, there is a high possibility the laptop repair Dubai team of professionals can help to resolve the problem without any hassle. So, observe their process. 

Usually, they will run the Command Prompt once again and type ‘sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\’. After pressing Enter, they will further type ‘/offwindir=c:\windows’. After that, press Enter and discuss the report shown by your system with them. Then, restart your computer normally. 


When the professionals examine your system, they might come across some hardware error. If any damage has occurred, ask them the details. After that, replace the faulty hardware with a new one.

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