Sat. Apr 4th, 2020


adobe error 14
No software is error-free, and so the case of Adobe Reader. In a few cases, the users encounter some complicated and troublesome glitches in Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader error 14 is one of the common errors which you might confront while trying to open the PDF file. When this issue
Outlook mail is not just a free email client but it is more than that in today’s corporate world. It gives different combinations of jobs on a single platform including the address book, web browser, notebook, calendar, email manager, and so much more. It has also the features that defend
A computer is susceptible to diverse errors and malfunctions which must be treated with care. Also, computers are vulnerable to multiple threats like malware infestations which corrupt the files and contribute to the damage of a system. At times, the rare sight of the deadly ‘Blue Screen of Death’ occurs
google drive waiting to upload
Google comes with 15GB free online storage for the purpose of uploading photos, audio, documents as well as other files. It’s a very portable tool. But sometimes, users face problems while taking pictures or recording videos using smartphones. Sometimes, you need to choose a group of files in order to
Google Drive is like a home to backup any folders and files to the cloud. Nowadays, we always prefer to share, download as well as upload the files to our friends, family, clients or to the public, and Google Drive is just one way of doing so. The user of