Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
windows 10 bug in lenovo

BSOD & Bugs Issues Lead to Windows 10 Failure, Confirmed By Lenovo

After the Windows 10 update launched by Microsoft, Lenovo users are experiencing many difficulties. The Windows 10 update KB4566782 has bugs in it. Users of Thinkpad are suffering from various issues with their computers. Due to the bugs, the BIOS got affected. In addition to that, the blue screen of death is also taking place. 

After hearing the issue, Lenovo has announced that they will solve it. If you are facing this problem and eager to accept the procedure by Lenovo, then read more to find out. If you are not willing to take the risk, then call the laptop repair Dubai team to help you out. 

The Symptoms 

According to the complaints and reports, tech experts have stated that people are facing the issues during the startup of their system. Thus, the blue screen death (BSOD) is taking place. In addition to that, BSOD is also happening while opening Lenovo’s Vantage application, Windows Defender, Web camera, Intel management engine, and Windows Hello application. 

The BSOD shows the blue screen with a message “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now needs to restart’. 

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Lenovo’s Fixing Procedure 

As you are in trouble with your computer, book an appointment with the professional service of laptop repair Dubai. When they arrive, tell them the problem and the process launched by Lenovo. The process goes like this. 

  • Restart the computer and open the BIOS settings. Move to the ‘Security’ options. 
  • Select the ‘Virtualization’ and turn off the ‘Enhanced Windows Biometric Security’ present there. 
  • Click on ‘Exit’ to get out of the BIOS. 

Now, boot the computer to the Desktop mode. Make sure that your product is only Lenovo ThinkPad. Because this procedure will only work for ThinkPads. 

Other Procedures

There is another process that could eliminate the problem, that is restoring your entire system. If you are not having a ThinkPad, ask the laptop repair Dubai to format your system drive and restore the Windows 10. 

While they do their work, look carefully at their procedure. Make sure that they handle your laptop carefully to avoid any kind of damage. The formatting process will delete the latest update and roll back your system to the previous version. 

What about the non-Lenovo users?

Apart from Lenovo users, other laptop brand users also faced the same issue. As the laptop repair Dubai is ready to help you, discuss the problem with them. In addition to that, tell them that this issue took place after the Windows 10 August update. Then, advise them to try the visualization feature. 

If the process works, then it is well and good. If not, then ask them to uninstall the August update. They will do it for you. It might be the best solution to get rid of the issue without restoring your computer. 

Additional Resolving Measures 

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. So, while the laptop repair Dubai team of professionals are trying to resolve the issue, you can also ask for additional tips and tricks to solve the problem with ease. In addition to that, you can also check the forums where people share their problems regarding this matter. 


When you call the professionals, make sure that they belong to the organization from where you have hired. Moreover, carefully watch them how they are handling your laptop. After the work is done, check and make sure that your system is absolutely fine. Only after that, make the complete payment. Before hiring, never make any advance payments.

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