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5G Technology Is The Future and Will Change Telecommunication Industry Forever

Telecommunication is changing under the influence of wireless technology. And with the help of 5G Technology, the future of internet speed is here. Large companies and engineers are finding ways to increase the rate so that the users can access and enjoy a seamless entertainment.

To achieve success, the tech magnets are trying to build the infrastructure that will support 5G buildup. Other companies are joining hands to make this revolutionary change come to reality. The mobile, router, radio companies are improving their versions to afford the cost of 5G Network.

Future Of Telecommunication And 5G Technology: The Debate

Telecommunication is vital for us. Because communication devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops link us with the world. We watch videos, share views, comments, spread news and gossip with our loved ones through them. It is so vital that the software developers are bringing in new applications to ease out communication. And with the latest entry in AI, our interaction pattern is changing and optimizing.

5G Technology Network

Keeping 5G Technology in the background, tech experts are of the opinion that wireless technology will help the customers to join the world at any place they want. Be it office or home; you can access the AC of your home with just a click on the smartphone. You can also pay or transfer money only by tapping the options on your smartphones.

But there is a catch point-are we ready for a 5G Technology infrastructure? The users are torn between wireless and wireline communication. On the one hand, we are opting for digitization, but on the flip side, millions of users are holding onto wireline communication.

Tech Magnets Whispers

Connection error is one of the issues the users often face. To erase that, developers are making Next Generation Core (NGC) which will link the cloud components with network services. In that way, the NGC will cover both wireless and wireline communication.

However, the mission to implant 5G Technology is complex. The companies need a robust infrastructure and support of IoT ( Internet of things). The security systems are the principal concern here. Though the 5G network will provide better sensor-control monitoring, network slicing progress is still under question. IOT needs a visual network model and a way to process system events.

The IOT events are useless until we generate a  feedback loop. We need a short feedback loop to reduce the processing time to control the device and enhance network latency. But builders need to minimize the points between the process and controller. Every router or switch has its loop, but the expense is pretty high.

How The Serverless Will Change The Telecommunication Industry

The IOT system process generates few events in a single day. And waiting for a fact say, cloud process run increases the budget. In that respect, companies need useful serverless computing which handles events with ease.

5G uses

Tech magnets challenge this procedure. They believe that any delay in the execution process will compromise the quality of the application. Sensor locations and controllers are additional issues with it. All they need is a filter which transforms the cloud telecommunications.

The technology market is dividing into the lines of Marx: Haves and Have-nots. The haves is making space for better telecommunication skill by advancing the features like IOT projects, serverless communicating, etc. But the have-nots or the startups are fighting their ways to be in the limelight. The scenario will be more clear if we consider the Indian companies like Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel. To keep the audience base, they are increasing their speed but compromising the qualities.

What the world needs right now is a comprehensive outlook towards 5G. The infrastructure needs to grow up keeping the ecosystem in the foreground.

Net Neutrality | Changing The Digital Wind Direction

Net neutrality is a hotly debated topic in internet history. The term “net neutrality” came into being during the early 90s and is basically an off-shoot of telephone systems. Considering the face value, it appears quite favorable to implement the net neutrality concept but it is also important to know about the companies opposing this principle.

Net Neutrality

In this category, the common opponents are the Internet Service Providers. However, in order to have a clear idea of why they are opposing this concept, it is necessary to dig deeper into seeing what type of ISPs really exist and the major differences between them.

To be very specific, there are a total of seven subcategories in ISPs and all these seven subcategories come with their own exclusive features. One thing that the ISPs have in common is that they operate throughout the internet providing service to the public.

Change in Tune among Companies Opposing Net Neutrality

Among the very first companies opposing net neutrality, Comcast in the United States can be placed in the first position. This firm was caught internet throttling and filtering BitTorrent traffic for cutting down bandwidth usage.

This would help the company in freeing up sufficient space for the other users. Comcast made the effective use of readily available monitoring and tracking procedures for identifying the users who were using high bandwidth apps.

By doing so, the company reduced the bandwidth amount that the users were actually permitted to use. At present, the company says that it favors net neutrality but without FCC regulations.

Oppositions from BitTorrent and Verizon

BitTorrent is basically a file sharing app allowing the transfer of large files both above and beyond what is actually permissible with common procedures like email and digital communications.

The problem surrounding this app service and various others in the same category is the use of huge bandwidth amount. Not only this, these file sharing apps can even be used for sharing files like movies and music illegally.

Net Neutrality pros and cons

Another service that remains at the core of the net neutrality problem is Verizon. The service was the first to face a vicious lawsuit when the Federal Communications Commission regulated the internet in the year 2010.

In the present times, Verizon’s argument is that FCC should come up with riles that suit the digital age. The service wants rules that do not stifle investment or innovation in the network.

Aren’t Things Loading Too Much?

Net neutrality can be defined as a gentleman’s agreement. So far, it has been successful in surviving. This is because very few individuals have actually realized the internet’s potential when it evolved around thirty years ago.

Net Neutrality Meaning

However, now when the internet is one of the most integral parts of the society, Internet Service Providers throughout the globe are trying to obtain complete hold and power in shaping and controlling internet traffic.

Nevertheless, there are different methods that can be used for keeping net neutrality alive. It is important for the users to demand that the ISPs continue with their hands-off approach to online traffic.

Consumers also need to go for proactive action if they find any violation of the concept of net neutrality. However, ISPs favoring net neutrality should also be rewarded.

Understanding Net Neutrality | How Different Countries Have Adopted It?

The idea of net neutrality has been derived from the way telephone lines have worked since the 20th century. That is, telephone line users can easily dial numbers and get connected to them. The operators are not concerned whether the callers are calling a drug dealer or a restaurant.

Net Neutrality

The operators do not block the access to different numbers nor do they delay connections to certain numbers deliberately. This happens when the law forces them. Majority of the countries work on rules stating that the telecom operators need to offer an unrestricted and unfiltered phone service.

Net Neutrality: Through the World’s Eye…

The internet started taking the world by storm during the 1980s and 1990. During this time, there were absolutely no rules and regulations guiding the ISPs or Internet Service Providers. But mainly due to the fact that the telecom operators also served as ISPs, they worked by the same concept.

This concept is called Net Neutrality. By way of this concept, the Internet Service Providers do not have any control of the traffic passing through their servers. This means that when the online users connect to a certain web service or a website, they get the same speed.


Net Neutrality Vote


The online users are free to access all legal web services and websites without any kind of disturbance from the ISPs. Therefore, the data rate for Facebook images and YouTube videos is theoretically the same.

There are many countries that have rules enforcing net neutrality but there are still some countries that do not have such rules. Many countries follow Net Neutrality and, that too, without any rules and regulation, perhaps.

This is because that is how the system has always been. Net neutrality is more of a norm than a law in these countries.

What if you say ‘No’ to the Slowdown?

If net neutrality is non-existent, the ISPs shall have the inclination and the power of shaping internet traffic the way they want. They will always look forward to shaping the traffic on their servers in such a way that it brings more profit to them.

In the absence of net neutrality, it would be difficult to imagine the internet as it is available today. This means that people would have to go for package plans in place of using free internet. People would have to pay extra money for accessing the international websites.

Net Neutrality explained

It might also be possible to have varied connection speeds for different content varieties. In addition, this would result in the evolution of add-on packages for using the internet.

Now, Internet Has a Slow Lane!

If net neutrality is not the reality, the ISPs will get into the practice of charging the web companies for enabling faster access to their respective websites. This means that the companies not paying for faster access will have their websites opening slowly.

This might spell doom for creativity and innovation online. The taxation system would be prevalent on the internet where users will have to lose their pennies for accessing the sites or the services they want.

Influence of Network Neutrality on Various Businesses (And Yours, Too!)

Net neutrality has been a topic of debate on different discussion boards and forums of late. There are many companies that are actually quite upset about this subject.

Network Neutrality FCC

However, prior to understanding why companies are bent on going against network neutrality, it is important for you to understand the concept first.

What is Network Neutrality All About?

As per an article published in Business Insider,

Network neutrality prevents the Internet Service Providers from controlling the content and the information accessed by the online users.

Net Neutrality

This means that the ISPs need to treat all the traffic sources equally. The fact that this topic is quite controversial and required the US Court of Appeals to get into it is because ISPs like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon want to charge the users of their networks.

Charging for their networks means that these ISPs will get the ability to choose what the online users see while using the internet. This way they would charge the content providers.

Friend or Foe?

Internet speed is something that can be gambled upon.

This means if you are a small business trying to grow in the industry, it might be a difficult terrain for you. This is because your large and more developed competitors will be paying high prices for driving in the fast lane.

By default, your business will be placed in the slow lane.

When it comes to getting new customers, the companies with deeper pockets might be easily able to speed past the ones with not-so-good finances.

Boiling down net neutrality will help you in understanding that it is brought down data to a level where it can be equally accessed by way of the internet.

Net Neutrality

Network neutrality means, the large international companies and the small local businesses come down to the same platform.

They have equal access to the placement of information and the access to information online. Things like marketing and advertising budgets also need to be factored in when trying to get the word out.

However, when it comes to accessibility, all the companies are on a level podium. If net neutrality is not in place, equal accessibility goes out of the window.

Your Pockets Aren’t Light Anymore…

In the absence of net neutrality, USPs will get the ability to create different tiers of accessing online information. This means that they can always demand extra money for offering better accessibility.

This way the smaller businesses that have small budgets might not be able to get into a competition for access to the large companies that have the affordability to pay extra fees.

Network Neutrality Debate


This also means that there would be nothing that could stop the large firms from making extra payments to the ISPs for slow access to the other websites. This could possibly put the smaller companies completely out of business.

 The Last Mile…

Thus, it is very important for the smaller companies to have a clear idea of net neutrality. Major decisions made in this field could have an impact on small businesses and their ability to access online information.

Things You Never Heard About Net Neutrality | Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Though the concept of net neutrality is quite old, there are many who actually do not know about it even today. However, net neutrality came into news when the Federal Communications Commission decided to repeal it.

But before going into the details, it is necessary to understand what net neutrality actually is. Prior to even doing this, it is necessary to have in mind that network neutrality is not purely American.

This means that it is not just an American issue. At present, there are companies throughout the world debating the advantages and the disadvantages of this process.

In addition, even have legislation in place for protecting the same. There are even countries and companies attacking this process or idea.

A Touch-Up on Net Neutrality

This is a very easy question mainly because the internet is filled with definitions for this system.

The meaning of net neutrality is that the internet service providers must enable access to all applications and content regardless of their source without giving special preference to certain websites and products.

By way of this concept, even now, whether you are going through this write-up or browsing some other network, you are easily doing so without your internet service provider denying access, hindering you in any away or throttling bandwidth.

Internet Service Providers

If net neutrality were not in place, certain websites might not load up immediately or they would need special plans in order to be accessed.

Even worse, the internet service providers would get the freedom of blocking access to specific websites and products without the prior approval of concerned authorities.

The Battle With Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers aren’t symbols of “Free Speech”.

The thing is that for a large number of individuals, the internet serves as one of the best mediums of making money. This does not involve selling books or writing reviews but something more than this.

There are internet service providers who use the internet in the form of a commodity that they can actually sell. This means that the users subscribe to a certain plan and the ISPs give then the web.

However, smart CEOs are always on the lookout for ways that can help them in maximizing revenues and profits. However, in the recent times, ISPs around the world have started with the practice of putting a price on the user’s ability to access specific sites.

Net Neutrality definition

This is basically like going for cable subscription where you need to pay a price for using email features and other things while all the other features cost you some extra money. If you do not make proper payments, there are sites that are not open for you.

This is blatantly unfair because individuals who are paying for accessing the internet would have to pay extra for accessing sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Patience is no more a virtue, perhaps!

At present, net neutrality is a big problem affecting billions. Nevertheless, understanding this procedure and the way it works is not all that can be done. It is now a political issue with very little for the regular people to do. Discussions on this issue are generally held among high authorities behind closed doors.

Beware The Data Breach! Your Ultimate Guide for Thriving Business

As is evident to almost half of the world population, a data breach takes place when an individual or a company is given the permission to go through information that they are actually not authorized to access.

Data Breach

If data that is not permissible to certain individuals or companies is read by the same companies or individuals, it is no longer secure. On the other hand, the individuals or companies accessing this unauthorized data can either steal it or make changes.

Based on the data type involved in the breach or sell, the outcomes can include corruption and complete destruction of databases; leakage of confidential data and theft of regulatory requirements and intellectual property for notifying and possibly compensating the ones affected.

Why identify Data Breach Threats?

Delving into the consequences and the threats of data breach and sell means looking at the different varieties of cyber threats and what their outcomes might be in regards to businesses and companies.

Data Breach meaning

If records are to be believed, instances of data breach and sell increased by around 40% since the year 2015. The expenditures on these incidents can actually be very high and they might also threaten a company’s ability to continue business.

Therefore, on the part of businesses, it is very important to determine the threats which would automatically lessen their exposure.

Are You a Data Breach Victim?

Threats targeting different data types can either come from employees, consultants or suppliers who have complete access to the network.

However, data breach threats can also come from individuals not involved in the day-to-day activities of an organization. These individuals can easily gain access to the data of a company within its network by way of external email accounts, mobile devices and even through cloud if a company stores data in the cloud.

Conventional perimeter protection is a thing of past when it comes to keeping data safe from such threats. This does not mean that insiders are not a threat to the data of a company.

Data Breach today

Insiders like disgruntled employees might come up with plans of leaking sensitive information. Even the external people can use malicious websites and emails for installing malware on the computers of the employees and get their usernames and passwords.

In the event of such data breach threats, businesses and organizations need to come up with the results corresponding these events and even get the right solutions towards reducing data breach risks.

The Result of Data Breach

Businesses and companies experiencing data breaches might have to face increasing and severe consequences of the same. This is because of increased regulatory stress for the notification of people whose information has actually been compromised.

Companies experiencing data breaches involving consumers need to establish the residences of their consumers. The breaches that involve financial, health and personal information are also subject to notification requirements.

The expenditures involved in doing away or facing the consequences of data breaches might be very high and they might also result in an existential threat to the companies.

Final Thoughts

Considering the consequences of a data breach and the expenditures involved, it is necessary for companies to take important security measures for safeguarding sensitive information.

What is Net Neutrality? The Best Net Neutrality Guide on The Internet

People using the internet also think that they are absolutely free to watch online videos, send instant messages and listen to podcasts and songs as and when required. Net neutrality is the one and the only concept that makes all these assumptions a reality.

When people log on to the internet, they take several things for granted. People are of the view that they can browse almost any website on the internet as per their wish. They also assume that they can browse anything and everything at any time and as many times as they want, all this at the fastest speed.

The Net Neutrality Principle

Internet service providers or telecom operators serve as access service companies. They have the power to control the amount of information that people can access, the content or the quality of information they can access and the speed at which they can access information.

Apart from this, the ISPs also have the power to control the amount that people pay for accessing services and content of the internet. As per the net neutrality principle, Telcos and ISPs need to treat all content or information on the internet equally.

FCC net neutrality

They must offer their consumers equal access to almost all the lawful services and website online. They should do all this without giving any priority to a particular service or website. This probably means that net neutrality involves:

  • No telecom-style licensing of the internet companies
  • All sites are equally accessible
  • No speed generations for specific sites and services
  • No practice of making sites free or zero-rated over the other sites.

The Reason behind Debates and a Sudden Buzz regarding Net Neutrality

Net neutrality law

There are several reasons behind the sudden buzz and the major debates surrounding net neutrality. The reasons are as follows:

  • The telecommunication companies and internet service providers have lobbied in and are making efforts towards bringing regulations into the use of the internet while putting the freedom of privacy and choice of the users at stake.
  • If net neutrality is not put in place, the ISPs will have the power to decide on the applications and the websites that shall be accessible to the users and the amount that the users would have to pay for accessing the applications and the websites.
  • In the absence of net neutrality, website owners and application publishers will have to make payments to all the ISPs for making their websites or applications visible to the users on their network.

Wrapping Up…

One of the main reasons behind the great success of the internet has been that people have usually been able to use the internet as per their wish.

The ease of use of the internet is necessary for accessing services, free speech, and knowledge. It is also necessary for doing online business.

Net Neutrality Status

ISPs can choose the losers and the winners and even limit the best access in the online market for ideas and services. Net neutrality comes as a major step towards making the internet accessible to every individual.

Net Neutrality and Its Role in Shaping the Internet

Net neutrality is nothing but the idea of treating all online traffic equally. This will have the Internet Service Providers losing their power of favoring one website or service over the other by throttling, blocking or paid prioritization.

By way of net neutrality, an open internet would be created and this can turn out to be really beneficial. Open internet helps teams throughout the world.

Net Neutrality vote

It would be of good help to small business startups looking to come up with global businesses; to doctors in the developed countries who require important medical information for treating patients and to the established companies offering services to a large number of consumers.

How has Net Neutrality Shaped the Internet?

In the absence of a level field to play, certain companies and individuals will have easy access to the world of opportunities and knowledge while the others might not.

Net Neutrality explained

This is not fair and it is only because of this reason that net neutrality is considered a subject of great importance. It will help companies and individuals in playing as a team.

There are two ways in which the internet has been shaped by net neutrality and they are as follows:

  • With net neutrality in place, the online users have complete freedom of connecting to almost all the websites or the services they want.

The Internet Service Providers no longer bother about the type of content flowing by way of their servers. With all these things working on the right track, the internet has grown into a truly universal network allowing individuals to express themselves freely.

Take, for example, now people can easily criticize their ISPs on blog posts and their ISPs will not limit access to these posts for the other subscribers despite the fact that such posts might harm their business.

  • Another important way in which net neutrality has shaped the internet is by enabling a level field of play for every business and service online.

With net neutrality working its way, business owners on the internet no longer require connections or money for starting their websites. They can simply host their websites and move on with the process of doing good business.

Net Neutrality News

If their services are good, they will find perfect favor among the online users. This is quite different from cable TV where channel owners need to falsify coalitions with different cable connection service providers for ensuring that their channels reach the viewers. On the internet, website owners do not need to talk to the ISPs for placing their websites online.

It is only because of this reason that several services like Facebook, Google and Twitter have come to the forefront. These services started in a humble manner with basic websites and modest resources. However, they succeeded only because of net neutrality.

It was net neutrality that allowed the online users to access all these websites in an unhindered and easy way.

From the above illustration, it can rightly be said that net neutrality is here to stay.