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The practice of data breach is either the intentional or unintentional release of private, secure or confidential information to untrusted environments. There are various other terms that can be used for describing user data sell or breach.

Data breach

It states the practice of unintentional disclosure of information, data spill or data leak. There are several incidents that fall into this category like concerted attacks by national governments, political activists, and black hats or careless disclosure of used computer data storage or equipment.

The Targets of Data Breach

Data sell and breaches have become quite common these days influencing almost every sector of the economy. Data breaches at the big retail make news while those at the smaller concerns go unnoticed.

Stealing data is just the starting point of crime. In case the criminals are not able to sell or use stolen data. The data becomes worthless very quickly.

Data breach meaning

Therefore, it is very important to understand what actually happens to stolen data post a breach. Stolen data become a certain target only when it of some value to the third party.

There are different varieties of data representing different levels of risk to businesses. Different varieties of data include:

  • Personal Information: This consists of data like contact information, social security numbers, educational information, birth dates and other personal information.
  • Health Information: This is a type of data including details of prescription drugs, health conditions, medical records, and treatments.
  • Financial Information: Information like card numbers, bank accounts, expiry dates of credit cards and investment details fall into the category of financial data.
  • Competition Data: The information on market studies, competitors, business plans, and pricing falls into this category.
  • Intellectual Property: product manuals and drawings, scientific formulas, specifications, marketing symbols and texts and proprietary software are considered intellectual property by a business.
  • IT Security Information: This includes the list of encryption keys, usernames and passwords, network structure and security strategies.
  • Legal Information: Documents of a company pertaining to court cases, legal opinions and suggestions on different business practices, acquisition and merger details and other regulatory dealing are consider legal data prone to sell or breach.

These are data that serve as targets of the breach and valuable data for third parties. You can sell health, financial and personal information for the purpose of marketing, identity theft, and fraud.

Competitive data can be used or sold by competitors for blocking the strategies of a business. Intellectual property can be used or sold for development services and products similar to those of a business.

The legal position of a business can get damaged due to leaked legal data. The information available on IT security allows the unauthorized parties to gain access to system information.

Reducing the Risk of Data Breach or Sell

Businesses can reduce the risk of data breach and sell by keeping their perimeter security and various other important protective measures in perfect place.

data breach security

Apart from this, it is also important for businesses to have an information-centric system allowing them to strictly control the parties that can read their datasets and files.  These are measures that can reduce data breach and sell risks to certain levels while protecting the business from disastrously high data breach expenses.

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