Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Fitbit Versa won’t Turn on

What to do when Fitbit Versa won’t Turn on?

Smartwatches allow you to keep track of your health as well as perform other functions such as play music. They are increasingly becoming common accessories for joggers and fitness enthusiasts. Apart from telling you the time they can also monitor your heart rate. Not only that, but you can also set important reminders in many of them. 

Fitbit is quite a prominent name when it comes to listing fitness products. The Versa series of smartwatches from them are quite popular with people. The first one is especially known for being comfortable. Hey, have also rolled out the second one in the series, recently in 2019. 

Now, there are some common problems faced in smartwatches. The Versa is of course not immune to it. One of the common issues is that Fitbit Versa won’t turn on sometimes. Are you facing the same in your gadget? Here, you’ll find out how to get it working again. 

Try these Simple Steps

If you’re unable to turn on your Versa, and Fitbit Versa won’t turn on, you need to try out a few methods before you decide to put it into the trash. Maybe these will help you to get it back to work. Additionally, it’ll save your money that you were going to spend on another smartwatch. Here are the things that you must give a try:

  • Power off and then restart

Is the screen showing nothing? It might not yet be dead and you can try restarting it. Versa allows you a very simple way to do that. Simply press and hold on to the left and bottom buttons for a while. Then, it’s supposed to show you a logo on the screen just like on a phone or PC. If it does, then the issue might be determined and settled. Make sure if the gadget is working properly. 

  • Try charging it

Did the restart not work in your case? There is no need to be worried yet. It may have just run out of battery. The Fitbit Versa generally has quite an impressive battery life and maybe it’s time to recharge it. If all is well, you’ll see it working again in no time, then you can continue to take it along, say for a jog. 

You have to let it charge for at least half an hour before you start using it again. If it’s working, you’ll be able to see the battery percentage by tapping on the screen. In case it doesn’t show that, check if the charger is working. Make sure it has been properly connected with the device. 

  • Change the settings to default

Have you tried the steps mentioned above and still get no result? Then, there’s only one thing left that you can do. There must be many customizations that you have done in the gadget after buying it. You must change them all back to default, or factory settings as they are called. 

Now, you might understandably want to look for any other viable option. For those who don’t know, changing settings to default will remove all the data. Hopefully, you had them all backed up already. Otherwise, you’re going to lose them. Now, you might wonder how to change settings when the screen isn’t turning on. 

In that case, it’s quite simple. You’ll see three buttons featured on the device. Now, what you need to do is press and hold them at the same time. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this for more than 12 seconds. The Fitbit logo is supposed to appear on the screen. As soon as you see it, let go of the bottom button. You must do this in time, or else the process will fail. 

Further, hold on to the other two buttons until the gadget vibrates. When that happens, this indicates that you have successfully restored default settings. Check if it’s working properly now. If any issues arise, you have no other option left other than to take the device to customer care. 

  • Get it examined by professionals

If you have all the other steps and have failed, maybe it’s not in your hands anymore. You probably won’t be able to fix this by yourself unless you’re a professional. So, you must contact the customer support of Fitbit and explain the issues in your device to them. 

There could be various types of problems with the device. Maybe you might also have to get some parts replaced. They’ll find out what the problem is and fix it without any downtime. Have you crossed the warranty period for the device? If no, then check if the terms apply to your case. Maybe you have a chance to get the device replaced.

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