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8 Effective Ways To Fix Google Drive Waiting To Upload Error And Enjoy Hassle-Free Services

Google comes with 15GB free online storage for the purpose of uploading photos, audio, documents as well as other files. It’s a very portable tool. But sometimes, users face problems while taking pictures or recording videos using smartphones. Sometimes, you need to choose a group of files in order to upload those to Google drive on your mobile devices. However, after sometime when you open Google Drive to examine the status, you would be perplexed to find no new files and you will receive waiting for upload message.

Nothing will happen if you are greeted with the retry button. Then, what will you do? You have to go through the solutions mentioned below in order to resolve the waiting for upload error in Google Drive from your handsets. Henceforth, you need to proceed with some easy ones to examine if they can solve this issue.

Smart Hacks to Solve Google Drive Waiting to Upload Error

Let’s have a quick look at the effective fixes to solve the above error so that you can use Google Drive seamlessly in the future.

Fix 1: Restart the Phone

If you are unable to upload files on Google Drive, it can really be frustrating. One of the obvious solutions may be rebooting the device. You only need to restart the phone and then you have to open the drive. The files will start uploading generally.

Fix 2: Force Stop App

When you observe any irregular behavior in the application, you must delete it from the recent apps. However, if the issue continues, you need to follow some stringent steps to kill the app. In most cases, we are inclined towards the use of a force stop feature on Android.

Moreover, if you forcefully stop an application, it will remove all the background activities as well as shuts down the application instantly. In due course, you will lose those data. In order to perform force stop, you need to follow the below steps strictly.

  1. You need to open the device settings. Then, move to Apps & Notifications/Application based on the available options on your handsets.
  2. In All apps category, you have to hit on Drive followed by Force step available on the next screen. After that, you need to open Google drive and you should work seamlessly.

Fix 3: Clear Cache Memory

Google Drive is equipped with an in-built cache manager entirely isolated from the cache device of Android. Henceforth, you have to clear both. Please take into consideration that clear cache deletes only temporary files without hampering the Drive data. Let’s have a look at the steps for both the methods.

From the App

First, you need to open the drive and click on the three bar menu present at the top left corner. After that, hover on to the Settings option. Moreover, under the settings tab, click on Clear cache and then you need to restart the device.

From Device Settings

First, you need to launch the settings app in your mobile device. Next, you need to move to the Application Manager. In the All apps category hit on the drive and then click on Storage option. Afterward, press the Clear cache button and then you need to reboot the phone. However, you have to abstain yourself from tapping Clear storage/data button.

Fix 4: Enable Uploads on Mobile Data

In order to restore your mobile data, Google Drive comes with a native setting that enables you to select in order to transmit files over Wi-Fi. If this feature is enabled, uploading will not take place on mobile data. If you make an attempt to highlight those files on mobile data, an error pops up. After that, you have to disable the settings. To accomplish that, go through the below steps:

  1. You need to tap the three-bar menu which appears at the top left corner of the Google Drive application.
  2. After that, press on Settings. Then, you need to disable the toggle in order to transfer files over Wi-Fi. After that, you have to make some attempts to upload the files.

Fix 5: Switch off the Internet

When you use mobile data or Wi-Fi in order to upload files, then you need to switch it off and ultimately you should turn it on. Because of the proper connection resets, you can avoid related glitch.

Fix 6: Turn on the Internet Connection

Another obvious measure to negate this issue is to upload files on separate internet connections. If you are using mobile data, you have to shift to Wi-Fi and vice versa. Poor connectivity can cause this problem and adopting a roundabout will help you to upload those files.

Fix 7: Switch on the Airplane Mode

Most of the network related connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc stops when you enable the airplane mode. However, it will sound uncanny, enabling airplane mode can resolve app issues. If you turn it on for some time, it will provide fruitful results.

Fix 8: Updating Google Drive

You will encounter the upload error because of the presence of any bug in the app. Moreover, most of us either disable the automatic update or avoid new update notification from Play Store. Although, this is helpful when it comes to the storage of data.

But sometimes we miss out on regular updates comprising of bug fixes and hood improvements. So, we advise you to update the app as per the notification. Finally, you need to reboot the device and then start uploading the files.

The Wait is Over: Upload Files Seamlessly

The long wait for uploading files seems very irritating. Hopefully, the above hacks can resume the uploading process on your mobile devices. According to the latest report, some of the users face serious problems while uploading files on mobile data and deciphered that updates are turned off. They usually turned off the settings which don’t signify that it is the only fix. Other solutions should work effectively to fix this annoying error. By following the above steps, you can easily fix the issue of Google Drive Waiting to Upload Error. However, you can refer the user guide for any instant help.

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