Mon. Sep 27th, 2021
Defragment Bug

Frequent Defragment of SSD Drives Often? Microsoft Tests to Fix Bug

The May update for Windows 10 has a lot of issues. According to the report of the users, it was one of the most annoying bugs that were creating a lot of trouble. Most people have laptops with SSD hard drives. And, these drives are very much expensive, and you need to handle it carefully. The bugs are defragmenting the drive automatically. 

When a user was going to manually optimize the drive, the tool they were using, we’re unable to hold the record correctly. That means that the bugs are automatically optimizing without the user’s attention. Moreover, after opening the optimizing tool, the drive is asking for defragmentation even if it is done before. 

What is Defragmentation?

The process of defragmentation is the way of gathering all the scattered pieces on the drive. This results in the data organization perfectly. That is why you must defragment your HDD or SSD quite often, manually. 

This will help you to organize the data. In order to avoid any type of risk of data loss, you can call the laptop repair Dubai team for expert advice. During the process, if any risk occurs, it will be their sole responsibility to revive all the lost data. 

The Defragmentation Impact on SSD: Good or Bad?

As you know that an SSD is much more expensive than HDD, that is why you have to handle the SSD very carefully. First, you need to know the ultimate behaviour of an SSD. It behaves in a completely different manner, and it has no moving leavers and platters in it. 

Moreover, it also contains a NAND Gate flash memory spectrum. You can write data on it for multiple numbers of times. That is why defragment of SSD drives, more than often, is bad for the drive. It generally deteriorates the disk life span. For more information on handling the SSD, you can contact the laptop repair Dubai expert team. 

What actually happened with the bugs?

Microsoft has launched the May updates, and most of the users had installed it already. But somehow, it introduced a certain type of bugs that posed a negative impact upon the SSD drive. 

As the frequent defragmentation of an SSD is not at all recommended, there is always a risk of data loss. And, this bug mainly defrags your SSD, every time you start your computer. 

Expert’s concern about the Bug Defragment

Various tech experts have stated that Windows 10 has the ability to run various types of processes during the time of defragmentation. One of the fantastic and harmless processes is the TRIM. But, the TRIM basically depends upon the type of hard drive that you are using. 

The laptop repair Dubai professional team has the highest possibility to tackle this situation with great expertise. Ask them to give you all the details so that you don’t face any issues in the future. In addition to that, if you want, they will also give you an idea on how to revert backup and system restore procedure.

Microsoft Resolves the Issue

After confirming all the reports, Microsoft has released the fixes for the issue. But, the fix will take time, as it will be present in the next update. So, in between, what should you do as the issue is taking place in booting time? The software giant has come up with a good solution. 

You can type ‘Defrag and Optimize Drives’ in the search box by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. After that, highlight the SSD and select ‘Change Settings’. You will see the ‘run on a schedule’ option. Untick the checkbox and exit the window. 


Handling the SSD with the help of an expert is the best way to take care of it. An SSD is more precious than HDD, so it’s better that you don’t perform these tasks all by yourself. After the job is complete, check whether your system is running fine or not.