Things You Never Heard About Net Neutrality | Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Though the concept of net neutrality is quite old, there are many who actually do not know about it even today. However, net neutrality came into news when the Federal Communications Commission decided to repeal it.

But before going into the details, it is necessary to understand what net neutrality actually is. Prior to even doing this, it is necessary to have in mind that network neutrality is not purely American.

This means that it is not just an American issue. At present, there are companies throughout the world debating the advantages and the disadvantages of this process.

In addition, even have legislation in place for protecting the same. There are even countries and companies attacking this process or idea.

A Touch-Up on Net Neutrality

This is a very easy question mainly because the internet is filled with definitions for this system.

The meaning of net neutrality is that the internet service providers must enable access to all applications and content regardless of their source without giving special preference to certain websites and products.

By way of this concept, even now, whether you are going through this write-up or browsing some other network, you are easily doing so without your internet service provider denying access, hindering you in any away or throttling bandwidth.

Internet Service Providers

If net neutrality were not in place, certain websites might not load up immediately or they would need special plans in order to be accessed.

Even worse, the internet service providers would get the freedom of blocking access to specific websites and products without the prior approval of concerned authorities.

The Battle With Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers aren’t symbols of “Free Speech”.

The thing is that for a large number of individuals, the internet serves as one of the best mediums of making money. This does not involve selling books or writing reviews but something more than this.

There are internet service providers who use the internet in the form of a commodity that they can actually sell. This means that the users subscribe to a certain plan and the ISPs give then the web.

However, smart CEOs are always on the lookout for ways that can help them in maximizing revenues and profits. However, in the recent times, ISPs around the world have started with the practice of putting a price on the user’s ability to access specific sites.

Net Neutrality definition

This is basically like going for cable subscription where you need to pay a price for using email features and other things while all the other features cost you some extra money. If you do not make proper payments, there are sites that are not open for you.

This is blatantly unfair because individuals who are paying for accessing the internet would have to pay extra for accessing sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Patience is no more a virtue, perhaps!

At present, net neutrality is a big problem affecting billions. Nevertheless, understanding this procedure and the way it works is not all that can be done. It is now a political issue with very little for the regular people to do. Discussions on this issue are generally held among high authorities behind closed doors.

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