Net Neutrality and Its Role in Shaping the Internet

Net neutrality is nothing but the idea of treating all online traffic equally. This will have the Internet Service Providers losing their power of favoring one website or service over the other by throttling, blocking or paid prioritization.

By way of net neutrality, an open internet would be created and this can turn out to be really beneficial. Open internet helps teams throughout the world.

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It would be of good help to small business startups looking to come up with global businesses; to doctors in the developed countries who require important medical information for treating patients and to the established companies offering services to a large number of consumers.

How has Net Neutrality Shaped the Internet?

In the absence of a level field to play, certain companies and individuals will have easy access to the world of opportunities and knowledge while the others might not.

Net Neutrality explained

This is not fair and it is only because of this reason that net neutrality is considered a subject of great importance. It will help companies and individuals in playing as a team.

There are two ways in which the internet has been shaped by net neutrality and they are as follows:

  • With net neutrality in place, the online users have complete freedom of connecting to almost all the websites or the services they want.

The Internet Service Providers no longer bother about the type of content flowing by way of their servers. With all these things working on the right track, the internet has grown into a truly universal network allowing individuals to express themselves freely.

Take, for example, now people can easily criticize their ISPs on blog posts and their ISPs will not limit access to these posts for the other subscribers despite the fact that such posts might harm their business.

  • Another important way in which net neutrality has shaped the internet is by enabling a level field of play for every business and service online.

With net neutrality working its way, business owners on the internet no longer require connections or money for starting their websites. They can simply host their websites and move on with the process of doing good business.

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If their services are good, they will find perfect favor among the online users. This is quite different from cable TV where channel owners need to falsify coalitions with different cable connection service providers for ensuring that their channels reach the viewers. On the internet, website owners do not need to talk to the ISPs for placing their websites online.

It is only because of this reason that several services like Facebook, Google and Twitter have come to the forefront. These services started in a humble manner with basic websites and modest resources. However, they succeeded only because of net neutrality.

It was net neutrality that allowed the online users to access all these websites in an unhindered and easy way.

From the above illustration, it can rightly be said that net neutrality is here to stay.

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