Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Net Neutrality | Changing The Digital Wind Direction

Net neutrality is a hotly debated topic in internet history. The term “net neutrality” came into being during the early 90s and is basically an off-shoot of telephone systems. Considering the face value, it appears quite favorable to implement the net neutrality concept but it is also important to know about the companies opposing this principle.

Net Neutrality

In this category, the common opponents are the Internet Service Providers. However, in order to have a clear idea of why they are opposing this concept, it is necessary to dig deeper into seeing what type of ISPs really exist and the major differences between them.

To be very specific, there are a total of seven subcategories in ISPs and all these seven subcategories come with their own exclusive features. One thing that the ISPs have in common is that they operate throughout the internet providing service to the public.

Change in Tune among Companies Opposing Net Neutrality

Among the very first companies opposing net neutrality, Comcast in the United States can be placed in the first position. This firm was caught internet throttling and filtering BitTorrent traffic for cutting down bandwidth usage.

This would help the company in freeing up sufficient space for the other users. Comcast made the effective use of readily available monitoring and tracking procedures for identifying the users who were using high bandwidth apps.

By doing so, the company reduced the bandwidth amount that the users were actually permitted to use. At present, the company says that it favors net neutrality but without FCC regulations.

Oppositions from BitTorrent and Verizon

BitTorrent is basically a file sharing app allowing the transfer of large files both above and beyond what is actually permissible with common procedures like email and digital communications.

The problem surrounding this app service and various others in the same category is the use of huge bandwidth amount. Not only this, these file sharing apps can even be used for sharing files like movies and music illegally.

Net Neutrality pros and cons

Another service that remains at the core of the net neutrality problem is Verizon. The service was the first to face a vicious lawsuit when the Federal Communications Commission regulated the internet in the year 2010.

In the present times, Verizon’s argument is that FCC should come up with riles that suit the digital age. The service wants rules that do not stifle investment or innovation in the network.

Aren’t Things Loading Too Much?

Net neutrality can be defined as a gentleman’s agreement. So far, it has been successful in surviving. This is because very few individuals have actually realized the internet’s potential when it evolved around thirty years ago.

Net Neutrality Meaning

However, now when the internet is one of the most integral parts of the society, Internet Service Providers throughout the globe are trying to obtain complete hold and power in shaping and controlling internet traffic.

Nevertheless, there are different methods that can be used for keeping net neutrality alive. It is important for the users to demand that the ISPs continue with their hands-off approach to online traffic.

Consumers also need to go for proactive action if they find any violation of the concept of net neutrality. However, ISPs favoring net neutrality should also be rewarded.

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