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Telecommunication Certificates

The Latest Telecommunication Certificates Of 2018

Networking is essential for the telecommunication industry to survive. It binds people through calls and internet and generates enormous data for the trades to boom. However, we need telecommunication certificates for the technologies to work. These orientation programs cover the entire technology field.

Telecom giants Nokia and others present certificates which determine the position of the company. Some of the examples we show here are  BICSI certification, Internet Protocol Engineering Professional (IPEP), TCMI among others. CISCO, IBM offer certificate courses to the individuals and the course fees differs according to time.

How Telecommunication Certificates Are Changing The IT Industry

Telecom certificates are becoming valuable each day. The credentials provide with networking as well as quick delivery and video communications. In addition to that, it caters to the needs of streaming media traffic. In short, a brilliant user interface is created.

Professionals must know the protocols and the ways to install, configure and troubleshoot them. They must aim beyond the necessary TCP/IP credentials. The requirement differs according to the need of the job. Likewise, the results vary. One will find CISCO, CCNA, CCNP appear in many job descriptions and we assure more are coming in the way.

The Telecom Certificates To Watch Out In 2018

Many employees in the IT industry are taking up the paths for technical learning. The expense, course timings differ, but they provide all-round training to the individuals to make production ready. Keeping the job change in mind, we bring you the latest telecommunication certificates to watch out in 2018.

  1. Internet Protocol Engineering  Professional or IPEP is related to engineering courses.
  2. The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is in high demand for the trade association. The Department of Defense requires it for some job roles.
  3. Presently, engineers are opting for an iNARTE Telecommunications Engineer credential.
  4. Apart from the list given above, TCO is offering CTNS  credential for building up team and infrastructure requirements. This project covers team members, managers, analysts, and developers. An engineer needs to take a 6-month course along with subsequent exams to become a professional. Some topics are telephony, wireless communications, virtual networking, Ethernet LANs among other classes.

iNARTE Telecommunication Engineering Course

For a long time, the iNARTE Telecommunication Engineering Courses is making its mark on the trade and commerce. From its inception in 1982, the industry group is developing the fields of Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics. The technicians can learn about wireless system installers, LAN and WAN and safe product mechanisms. Back in 2012, iNARTE joined hands with RABAQSA and now globally the industry group is called Exemplar Global.


Each level of the course requires a minimum level of experience. The learner can improvise by the rules by following the iNARTE Certification Review Board regulations. The professionals need to update and renew the time period occasionally for further assistance.

Internet Protocol Engineering Professional Course

The Internet Protocol Engineering Professional or IPEP recognizes the need for IP systems. Every trainee needs to learn design making, deploying, troubleshooting and integrating the process for every IP system. The candidate must pass the topics stated above along with network deployment. The time spans over a period of three years and in this time he will learn all about internet organizations.


Nokia Networking Routing Specialist prepare candidates for Nokia service routing, IP protocols and Nokia Layer 2 and Layer 3 learning. It is a service routing program and the hence the learner has to pass a series of exams to be a professional.


RCDD is another course which industries abroad are using. It is popular among engineering firms and comes with a compact design required for high-class architecture. Since 1984, the degree implements its courses keeping in mind the IT and ICT infrastructure. So far it is one of the expensive and long-standing credentials.

Parting Words

Apart from the telecommunication procedures, there are few more courses which engineers can take to become trade ready. They are TCM, NCTI Master Technician, Fiber Optic Association etc. All these telecommunication certificates handle communication systems in a better fashion. In addition to that, tech companies like Cisco, IBM, and HPE  are offering diverse complex training procedures and certificates. There are endless options and opportunities. And with more exposure, the candidate will learn more about the telecommunication periphery.

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