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Top 10 Free Data Recovery Software for Windows Users

Data loss is unpredictable. There is no fixed time for accidents to occur. And, the reason can be due to system crashes, infection by malware etc. But, it can have a bad impact and can lead to quite a stressful situation.

In this scenario, you can trust the mentioned data recovery software that will help you to retrieve data. Undoubtedly, there are a number of data recovery software that can help you out. The mentioned software are some best-suited tools for your Windows System.

10 Best Recovery Tools for Windows

Below are 10 data recovery software for Windows that will help you to recover lost data. We have selected this particular tool based on its popularity, flexibility and impeccable features. And, even Data Recovery Dubai experts suggest these applications. So, after viewing all the criteria, it will be easy for you to make any decision.

1. Recuva

This tool is known as one of the best free data recovery software developed by Piriform. It can redeem permanently deleted files. It also supports hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, MP3 players, along with other storage devices like FAT and NTFS. The software is available in two versions, 32 bit and 64 bit. Though one of the major drawbacks is that it has not been upgraded for many years. The tool supports Windows 10, Windows8/7, Vista and XP. The deep scan mode might take a little longer to scan your device.

2. Minitool Power Data Recovery Tool

The Minitool power data recovery software works in Windows particularly. It has an extensive data recovery tool that works over 100 different file types. This software will help you to retrieve lost data from any type of storage. Even the recovery process is completed in three steps only.

Thus, it becomes easier for the users. You can also upgrade to the free version. The scanning process is quite fast. You will get up to 1 GB free data recovery. And, this can also be the smoothest tool that you are looking for. Or, you can also opt for a data recovery service.

3. Advanced Disk Recovery

This tool gives a quick recovery solution. It can retrieve data that is deleted, lost or formatted. The software can redeem data from all media storage. If you want a safe and trouble-free solution, then this tool will be perfect for you.

Devices like computers, laptops, etc., are compatible with this data recovery tool. You are also allowed to use a filter so that you can restore and locate files. And, it supports Windows 8.1, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista.

4. Free Undelete

This is another data recovery tool that specifically works on Microsoft and helps to recover files that are corrupted or accidentally deleted, or affected due to malware. The software is very easy to use, and you don’t need professional help for any kind of guidance. You can also restore the deleted files from the Windows recycle bin.

You will get this software with a simple interface, readable layout, and even it is completely free. This tool will help you by restoring the entire folder. Some drawbacks are — it is not suitable for business purposes, and compared to other software the interface is outdated.

5. SoftPerfect File Recovery

This recovery tool is said to be one of the best software available to retrieve corrupted files, lost data or deleted files due to malware. You can restore the recovered files on any drive or any card, and the process is done very smoothly.

FAT12, FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS5 and NTFS are compatible with this software. This tool is available free, and by using the restoration process, you can easily compress and encrypt the data.

6. Restoration Tool

This software is completely portable and lightweight. Thus, it is quite easy to recover files that are corrupted due to any reason. It particularly works on WindowsPC and is compatible with FAT and NTFS. And, one of the advantages is that you will be able to sort the retrieved data according to the file name, size, etc.

Some pros are the usage of low disk space and the search for empty files. The drawbacks of this tool are that the recoverability of a file is not shown. Also, you cannot restore the entire folder, and it does not support Windows 8 or 10.

7. Windows Files Recovery

This software is particularly for Windows 10 and is used to redeem deleted files as well as documents. You can easily download this data recovery tool from the Windows app store. You can also recover files easily from platforms like pen drives, local hard discs and even SD cards. It also uses keywords, filename etc., to recover files and documents.

MP4, MP3, PNG, JPEG along with some other formats are supported by this recovery tool. File recovery is smoothly done from SSD, HDD, and other devices. It is also compatible with FAT, exFAT, etc. One of the major drawbacks is that cloud storage is not supported by this recovery tool.

8. Puran File Recovery

This is another best recovery tool for Windows 10. It is particularly for home users and not for commercial or business purposes. One of the major drawbacks is that it has not been updated since 2016. You can fully scan your system, and it is compatible with NTFS and FAT12/16/32.

9. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This has a fast deep scan function with simple methods. This will help you to retrieve data that are lost or deleted. It also has the free trial option that helps to recover up to 2 GB. It has a streamlined user interface with simple steps for the recovery process.

You can also use filters to search for the files that you want to redeem. It is available both in Windows and macOS. One of the disadvantages is that it is very slow in recovering large files and the subscription model is quite expensive.

10. R-Studio

This tool is mainly used for commercial purposes. But, as time passes by it has been more user-friendly and now anyone can use it. You can use this version in Windows, Linux and even in mac. Some advantages are that the trial version is available, the cross-platform is supported by multiple OS and R-Undelete is also available. One of the major drawbacks is that the interface and the extension feature can confuse users.


So, these are some data recovery software that you can use particularly for Windows. Out of all the mentioned software, two are particularly for both Mac and Windows supported. After restoring your data, make extra efforts to protect them. You can use cloud storage and other ways to keep your data safe. And, for any critical problem, always seek help from data recovery service experts.

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